Duration: 4 hour
Check-in: 15 min prior to departure

As you probably know, the Dutch mount their bike almost everyday, from young to old, to go to school, work or just to stroll. Do you want to do it too? We offer you different possibilities to rent a bike and move through Amsterdam and its outskirts.

We offer you several options:

Big City tour: 6 hours       € 55,- pp

Small City tour: 4 hours      € 37,- pp

Waterland tour, which takes you to a fishermans town near Amsterdam: 6 hours      € 55,- pp

During all tours a guide will accompany you.

There are more bikes that inhabitants in the Netherlands

All prices are subject to change, mentioned prices are based on a minimum number of 9 participants. Depending on the number of participants the rate can be adjusted.