Duration: 13 hour
Check-in: 20 min prior to departure
Departure time: 8.00 a.m.
Price: 85 euro (adult) / 42,50 euro (child)

Passing the Dutch-Belgium border, this whole day tour will bring you to the lovely city of Bruges. Since 2000 on Unesco’s list of world protected inheritance. Bruges was founded in the tenth century and had its blooming period in the fourteenth century. Being a trade city and the seat of the counts of Burgundy it was the wealthiest city of Europe.

This resulted in the construction of imposing churches; one with the marble Madonna with child by Michelangelo.
The beautiful town hall is probably the most beautiful of Europe. Like also the tower,” belfry”, dating back to the 14th century, which symbolises the freedom of the merchants. 

Walking through Bruges is like walking through a fairy tale. The guide will take you for a stroll downtown and you have also the possibility to visit a lace-shop. Apart from that you have free time to visit either a museum, to shop, relax on one of the many cosy terraces, enjoy a delicious meal or take a trip through the canals.

All prices are subject to change, mentioned prices are based on a minimum number of 9 participants. Depending on the number of participants the rate can be adjusted.