Bikes near the Central Station

Duration: 4 hour

Check-in: 20 min prior to departure

Price: 45 Euro, including bicycle rent and drink.

Departure: St. Nicolaaskerk (opposite Central Station Amsterdam)

This tour starts at the Central Station. Here we cross the harbour by ferry to the northern part of Amsterdam. We will show you the Amsterdam of the past.

We pass by the old captainshouses, with a nice view of the ships in the harbour. The captains could see  their tallships sail in and out. Today, this part of Amsterdam is known as the “Gold Coast” because of the high value of the houses. We also make a stop at a windmill, where you can taste more than 10 different organic beers.

All prices are subject to change, mentioned prices are based on a minimum number of 9 participants. Depending on the number of participants the rate can be adjusted.